North State Law Enforcement Officers Association History:
The Association was formed in May 1952 in Durham, North Carolina by a group of minority law enforcement officers who recognized the need for an organization to assist in career development and professional progress. Those officers were James B. Samuels and James W. Price of the Durham Police Department, Edward L. Bass and Thurman E. Brooks of the Shelby Police Department and Oriel H. Leake from the High Point Police Department.  At its inception, the organization was known as the North Carolina Negro Law Enforcement Officers Association. Throughout the past 60 years, the organization has consistently taken the lead in assuring that training and education opportunities are available to minority personnel. The Association has also worked toward eliminating racial discrimination and to secure merited recognition of minorities in the profession.
Today, the North State Law Enforcement Officers Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the furthering the education and training of law enforcement personnel. North State is comprised of several hundred law enforcement professionals represented by 10 local chapters located throughout North Carolina. Our membership consists of personnel from all branches of the profession and we welcome all law enforcement personnel as members regardless of rank, assignment or department affiliation. Men and women of all races, religions and criminal justice agencies make up our membership. 
We also offer Honorary Memberships to non-law enforcement advocates who have demonstrated significant support for the advancement of the law enforcement profession and the Association.
The Association is further strengthened by an Auxiliary Association consisting of spouses and significant others who participate in and support activities of the Association. The Auxiliary has been instrumental in the continued growth of the Association.
The Association realizes there is strength through unity. Together, we will ensure that a just atmosphere prevails for all law enforcement officers and support personnel.

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