It is with great honor and pleasure that I welcome you to NORTH STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS ASSOCIATION. I take this opportunity to say that I humbly represent and serve our great association as State President. I do not take this responsibility lightly nor for granted. It is my sincere desire to serve our membership and the communities we serve in a professional, progressive and passionate manner.  Our association is deserving of leadership that leads with vision, steadfastness, the ability to adapt and most of all, a deep desire to serve.

In understanding our rich history, the North State Mission, Objectives and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, I believe it is imperative that each member strive to accept and apply them as we fulfill our daily duties and responsibilities. In remembering our Founding Fathers and Pioneers it was courage, spiritual guidance, determination and a clear vision that enabled them to overcome and thrive in the face of a multitude of adversities. They believed in each other. Today we stand on their shoulders as we continue on the path of professionalism, equity and upward mobility in the criminal justice system.

I challenge each member, potential member and those in the communities we serve to reach out and make a difference for ourselves, our families and our state. Make a difference by reaching back, lifting up, and ushering along someone that is victimized by unjust circumstances, and needs the guidance of someone stronger, wiser and willing to give back. As our members continue to train and educate ourselves as well as those around us we begin to arm ourselves with knowledge and experiences that are worth more than money can buy.  We do our part in improving the quality of life for everyone. Instead of asking “What can North State do for me, I ask you “What can you do for North State”?  North State is one of the oldest law enforcement organizations in the State of North Carolina. We have stood the test of time for over 60 years and we will continue to grow in a diligent manner.

I also challenge each member to adapt, overcome and achieve by the means necessary to gain success in your respective areas of the criminal justice system. Whether it be as a police officer, deputy sheriff, trooper, probation officer, SBI agent, FBI agent, detective, chief, patrol officer, clerk, secretary or auxiliary member your mission is well-defined as members of the North State Law Enforcement Officers Association. May God continue to bless each of us with peace, joy, and love for all mankind.

North State Law Enforcement Officers Association


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